More on Our Services

Life Insurance 

Life insurance is one of the most powerful tools available to create a death benefit for your family.  The death benefit may be used to pay off a mortgage, fund a college education, provide income to survivors, or make a gift.  There are different types of coverage.  We will help you determine what is appropriate for you.  For temporary needs, Term Life is very affordable.  Permanent coverage is appropriate for longer term needs.

Disability Income Insurance 

Your ability to earn an income is your single most valuable asset.  Statistics prove that people are much more likely to become disabled than to die prematurely.  Yet, most people have no income protection in the event they are sick or hurt and can not work.  Disability income insurance protects your income and lifestyle. 

Annuities & Retirement Plans 

Annuities, IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401-K, 403-B, as well as Pension and Profit Sharing plans are all tax-advantaged savings vehicles for your retirement.  We will help you establish a plan and provide research so you can select the appropriate investments. 

Fee-Based Investment Management 

As an Investment Advisor Representative with Arkadios Wealth and a Registered Representative for Arkadios Capital, Michael offers a wide range of investment products and services.  We offer cash management accounts as well as a variety of fee-based money management programs. 

Insurance and Retirement Plan Audits 

We will analyze your existing programs and make sure you are getting the most value for your money.  For example: Are you paying too much?  How is the performance?  Are your current needs being met? 

Estate Conservation 

We are not attorneys and cannot draft legal documents or give specific legal advice.  However, we can help you understand the basic use of wills, trusts, and powers of attorney as well as the importance of proper titling of your accounts and beneficiary designations in order to avoid probate, minimize delays and costs, and potentially save on unnecessary income and estate taxes.  If you own your own business we can help you fund your buy/sell agreement as well as address overall business succession planning issues. 

Employee Benefits 

It is well known that a solid employee benefits package will help you attract and retain good, loyal employees.  We will help you design and implement group life, health and dental insurance as well as retirement accounts.  We also can help with specialized benefits for your Key People.